We live and breathe our values and commitments.


DevMynd was founded in 2011 out of a desire to bring together highly experienced craftspeople and rewarding projects. We believed then, and still do today, that small teams of skilled designers and engineers can move mountains when aligned by a common vision and mission.

In 2013 we moved from our original home in the Coyote building at the corner of North and Damen in Chicago to our space on Wabansia Ave. in the Bucktown neighborhood. In 2014 we hired our first team member in San Francisco and have continued to build our team there.

In addition to growing our team, we have also added design, mobile development, and product strategy to our service offerings. Our clients have grown as well, from small startups in the early days to multi-national organizations and several Fortune 50 companies.

Although we are proud of our success and growth, we are particularly proud of our ability to maintain our vision and hold tightly to our values.

We Commit to Our Clients

We will respect your budget.

  • We will help you set a reasonable and realistic budget.
  • We will work with you to manage priorities to ensure we always work on the most important thing.
  • We will never, ever, exceed your budget without your permission, and you will get a viable product within budget.

We will be totally visible.

  • We will follow a process that requires visibility and transparency for every member of our team.
  • We will deliver work continuously as it is completed, every iteration, every day.
  • We will expose issues and risks immediately and work with you to solve them.

We will make your organization better.

  • We will bring a consulting mindset to your product and challenge your thinking.
  • We will improve your team through mentorship whenever we can.
  • We will provide constructive, honest, and actionable feedback.

We will never disengage.

  • We will stick with a project until it is complete as long as we can honor our values and these commitments.
  • We will act as members of your team and focus on your success.
  • We will work to ensure a smooth transition at the end of our project.

Our Values

Quality Work

We take pride in our workmanship and strive for sustainable and maintainable solutions. We resist compromise, “measure twice, cut once”, attend to detail, and validate our work.

the Door

Our team members help others before ourselves. We are inclusive and value diversity. Feedback and encouragement is provided constructively and gently. We always work together.


Everyone at DevMynd enjoys their work. We have learned to remain cool under pressure and to fix things rather than complain about them.

Acts With

We are highly visible, and we don't hide. We tend to over-communicate. We believe in doing the right thing, especially when it’s the hard thing, and to always be trustworthy.

Focuses On
Business Value

The DevMynd team gets shit done! We say “no” when it’s right for the customer, and say “yes” whenever we can. We become experts in your business and are true consultants.


We grow our team through apprenticeship. We learn every day and we teach every day. Through humble introspection we gracefully fail fast and learn from our experience.